A fresh Competition for Freestyle Football

A fresh Competition for Freestyle Football

Philip Warren Gertsson, aka PWG, with his brand Foreverlution, organized a new kind of freestyle football competition called "7 Moves".

The competition consisted of 7 different categories:

  • Show Flow
  • Best Lower Combo
  • Kill the Beat
  • Transition Game
  • Simon Says
  • Details
  • Big 1

Each freestyler that took part gathered points from each category and the one with the most points was the winner of the competition.

Below you can find the results of the "7 Moves" Competition held in Helsingborg, Sweden in 2022:

  1. PWG (Philippines)
  2. Akbari (Iran)
  3. Jakob (Denmark)
  4. Davide (Italy)
  5. CBB (Germany)
  6. Hrabi (Czech Republic)
  7. Daigoro (Italy)
  8. Jojje (Sweden)
  9. Dani (Czech Republic)
  10. Takeshi (Italy)
  11. Ranik (Sweden)
  12. Ungkvist (Denmark)

MEDUCA supported the competition giving prizes to the "Big 1" category winner and the overall winner, while Kampo, the founder of MEDUCA, was one of the judges.

Photos by: @ftbliseverywhere @michaelsmolski

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