We are an OG Football Brand, born in the streets of Athens, Greece.

Inspired by the ancient Greek spirit, we design and deliver products to fulfill the needs of the football, freestyle football and street soccer community. 

On our every freestyle and street soccer ball, there is head of a woman, who has snakes instead of hair. According to the myth, that woman was once a beautiful gorgon, until she was punished by the goddess Athena. Athena made her look ugly and transformed her hair into snakes. Whoever looked her in the eyes was turned into a stone. Then Athena sent Perseus to cut her head and put it on her shield.

With her head on the shield, Athena was unbeaten in every battle.

"This is the vision of MEDUCA: To inspire football players, freestylers and street soccer players to work hard with legendary gear, thus becoming unstoppable."

@jokamponito - Founder of MEDUCA