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MEDUCA Odyssey - Freestyle Grip Ball

MEDUCA Odyssey - Freestyle Grip Ball

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MEDUCA Odyssey is a Freestyle Grip Ball, created for the most legendary World Freestyle Football Championship - Super Ball.

The ball is inspired by the ancient Greek Mythology and the heroic adventure of Odysseus. After the Troyan war, Odysseus, the king of Ithaca, embarked on a long and perilous journey back to his homeland. His journey, which lasted ten years, was fraught with numerous obstacles and adventures. One of the creatures that he encountered was the Cyclops, a one-eyed giant. Odysseus used his intelligence to kill the beast and continue his journey back to Ithaca.

The ball is developed specifically for football freestylers. Its special rubber surface will help you block the ball in an easy way, while the pattern colors make your flows smoother than ever.

MEDUCA Odyssey will be available at the Super Ball 2023 Store in limited stock.

To ensure that you get it, order it now online and pick it up at the Super Ball Store with no shipping cost! 


Size 5


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A Freestyle Grip Ball created for the most legendary Championship of Freestyle Football.
Execute the smoothest flows and kill the bea(s)t with the MEDUCA Odyssey Freestyle Grip Ball!

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